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  • APply Stain/Sealent
  • two coats to ensure proper protection
  • satisfaction Guaranteed

The Process:

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NEw Builds

For big jobs, we've got 30 years experience to help find a deck that fits your needs and is custome to your lifestyle.

30 yrs serving the Omaha area:


We've seen every kind of deck stain known to man, and we've help remove them, too.


Did you know the wood temp and moisture level play a big factor in how well the sealant penetrates the wood and how it drys.  Don't worry if not we're experts.

  • Stain and SEAl FENCE
  • Stain and SEal Deck
  • DECK repair 
  • FENCE repair
  • Pressure wash
  • Board replacement
  • chemical peel
  • foundation repair
  • HOA fence staining 
  • Pressure wash
  • Scrub Treatment or Chemical treatment if needed
  • SAnd and smooth
  • prep the deck for the sealing process
  • Ensure stain only ends up where we want it to go